Wistia just made Channels free ๐ŸŽ‰

Anyone who follows our content knows we’ve been on the video bandwagon long before the hipsters thought it was cool. Okay, maybe not that long. But we’re huge advocates. We have our own video library, showed you how to make your own, wrote about making videos on the cheap, and even about how video can change your content game forever.

So it will come to no surprise to anyone that we’re huge fans of the video platform, Wistia. We have no affiliation with them. In fact, we’ve decided we can’t even quite afford to adopt them, but nonetheless; they’re doing amazing things. If you’re unfamiliar, Wistia is essentially like YouTube for your business. You host your videos with them, can add awesome things like gates, branded embeddable players, and all sorts of other magical tools that make video so much easier to adopt and enjoyable for your users.

Recently Wistia announced a new offering called Channels and boy were we stoked. Channels is a way to aggregate all your videos and present them to your users in a beautiful, engaging way. It’s a tool that’s been long needed and you can tell just by the UI alone, Wistia did it right.

An example of the way Segway uses Wistia Channels

Back when we wrote about making your own aggregate of videos, we actually explored tons of solutions and it was then that we fell in love with Wistia Channels. At the time Wistia had released the Channels product but it was only included in paid plans (which we don’t have).

But as of this week, Wistia is now included the Channels product in their free plan!

We’re really excited about this and though Wistia is out of our budget for the time being, we’re going to start exploring the idea (with the 3 video limit that comes in the free plan) and this functionality alone moves Wistia dozens of spots closer to the top of our list of products we plan to adopt, resource-permitting.

Once we explore more, we’ll come back and post our findings about the overall experience and SEO effectiveness of this new embeddable feature. Until then, happy video making!