Tutorial: Trigger a Google Ads conversion from Drift

If you’re using Drift (a conversational marketing platform) and Google Ads, you might be interested in sending a conversion event to Google Ads when someone becomes a lead through the Drift chatbot. This could help close the loop between sales leads creating and paid marketing initiatives. Here’s a guided walk-through on how to achieve that:

Create a new conversion event in Google Ads

To get started, you’ll need to let Google Ads know about a new possible conversion point. To do so, login to Google Ads and navigate to Tools & Settings > Measurement > Conversion.

Setup your new conversion event

Once you’ve started a new conversion event in Google Ads, follow the dialogs and configure the event to meet your needs.

The exact details of your deployment might be different but as a baseline, here’s how we setup ours:

  • Category type: Lead
  • Conversion name: Drift - Lead captured
  • Value: $20 (this is highly debatable, but you’ll want to estimate the value of a lead by taking your average sales price divided by the number of leads needed to close one deal)
  • Count: One (since we’re tracking leads generated by Drift, you’ll only want to count that one time)
  • Conversion window: 30 days
  • View-through conversion window: 1 day
  • Include in “Conversions”: Yes
  • Attribution model: Last click

Add the conversion event to your website

Once you’ve got the conversion event setup, you’ll be given options to tie the new event to actions taken on your site.

Follow the prompts and add the required scripts to your pages. Depending on what other tags (like Google Analytics or other Google Ads) already live on your site, you’ll have more or less work to achieve here. Make sure when you get to the last step, you set Event snippet to a Click event.

Attach Drift’s lead capture event to Google Ads

Once you’ve configured everything above, all that’s left is telling Drift to fire the Google Ads conversion when it captures an email address. We can do that simply by adding a few lines of code below the Drift install code already on your site.