Tutorial: Switching from one Drift playbook to another

Drift is not only a conversational marketing platform but an organization that turns out feature upgrades like no other SaaS company I’ve seen. With that being said, I don’t think it’ll be long before this article is deprecated and the functionality we’re about to build becomes native.

But as of writing, there’s no way to switch from one playbook to another based on how the conversation goes. You might be thinking, why would I want that?

Bot flows can be long and particular to solving a specific problem; so when a user switches intent, you have to build overly-robust playbooks which can become increasingly overwhelming and impossible to manage.

So today we’re working on a little script that will allow you to switch from one bot playbook to another.

In this example, you see the user start with a simple bot that determines why they’re on the site. When they user says they want to take an NPS survey, they get rerouted to a different bot (versus having to build the NPS bot flow in the original bot).

Here’s the script that makes it happen:

You’ll want to copy and paste that script just below the place you installed the Drift widget code. Change Take the NPS Survey to whichever button you want to initiate the playbook change then finally change 46849 to the Drift playbookId you want to fire (which can be found in the DriftLink tab of your playbook builder). Voilà!