True Story: The consequence of not delivering fresh marketing content

If you follow any of the experiments our team at GrowthStack runs, you might be familiar with our initiative to post every single day for an entire year. Well… after a month of killing it, we screwed up.

Despite preaching to the choir that short content is okay and making videos is a quick way to get content out the door, we still missed the mark for not one, not two, but three days in a row. (In our defense, we prioritized a partner’s new site launch.)

Contrary to our affirm belief that Alexa ranking isn’t as important as it may seem, we’re measuring our punishment in Alexa rank. The reason: our lead generation engine and visitor volume isn’t nearly established enough to see measurable impact by not publishing content for a few days. But man, did we see the immediate impact in Alexa:

Yes, we’re being a little dramatic.

Our score is young and therefore extremely volatile and we haven’t caused any damage that can’t be righted; however, when you measure the overall trends and see the up-and-to-the-right hockey stick effect we were riding, stagnation seems like a failure; let alone being unseated by over 14,000 other websites.

Of course we’re spending the next 48 hours backlogging content to get us caught up and back on track for a successful conclusion to our experiment but head this micro-lesson towards the bigger picture: consistent content is key to success and even the shortest gaps in product can yield major consequences.