Building brand loyalty by delighting your customers

Recently, I was listening to a fantastic podcast called Marketing Trends. This particular episode was called the The Meaning of Brand of it featured Seth Farbman the Former CMO of Spotify. In this episode, Seth spoke about his time at Spotify and most interestingly, the campaigns and mentality the team had around creating a personalized, addivtive onboarding excperience, resonating with the prospect and being consider lightyears beyond products like Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited.

As a personal brand loyalist to Spotify, it got me to thinking about how committed I actually was and why.

Surprisingly, the answer was very committed and it was surprising because I couldn’t actually remember the moment when I was swooned by Spotify (or a moment when I had particular distaste for the competition).

The TL;DR of this is: brand loyalty isn’t always accomplished in fantastic acts of service. While yes, sending hundreds of dollars of swag to a prospect might help, actually loyalty is achieved by building amazing products, delivering ongoing fantastic service, and understanding the “micro-moments” that go into an overall experience. Make sure you continue to listen for user/customer feedback and make their entire journey smooth.