What exactly is SEO?

It’s a term that gets thrown around like black magic and often agencies provide “SEO services” but what are they really doing?

Search engine optimization is about getting found on Google (and all the other search engines like Bing). In the past this involved complicated hacking, backlinking, and all sorts of practices that were hard to prove. Nowadays, Google has matured and the algorithm to being found by your prospects has actually simplified in the process. Easily enough: writing unique and engaging content is half the battle. We solve for that with fantastic content strategies and then implement the technical SEO that helps Google find it.

On-page structure

Google’s algorithm is pretty smart these days, but it still relies on the technical structure (HTML) of your website. Things like header tags tell search engines about the priority of each page on your site and helps them match your content with a user’s search query.

PageSpeed Insights Optimization

We constantly evaluate our partner’s sites against tools that search engines leverage to determine their usability. We obsess about page speed, optimizing loads, and getting your prospects to your content ASAP.

AMP & Open Graph Tags

Always on the leading-edge, we implement tools like the Accelerated Mobile Project (AMP by Google) and Open Graph protocols which help search engines and social media platforms display your content in faster more diverse ways.

Keyword & Search Console

SEO isn’t a one-time project. At GrowthStack we connect your website to tools like Google’s Search Console which shows you exactly how the search engine perceives your digital presence. We also do keyword research to determine where we can make the biggest impact.