The most important ROI formula

Paid advertising can be one of the scariest elements of a marketing strategy. Most of our partners are shy to put a significant amount of money towards ad placement mostly because they’ve been burnt before or simply haven’t seen the results.

At GrowthStack, we focus on lead generating paid campaigns. Occasionally, our partners will ask us to manage a campaign centered around brand awareness or exposure but 90% of the time we’re building and managing PPC campaigns focused on a simple goal: drive leads that convert at cost less than the lifetime value of that customer. When we achieve a minimum of net ROI, our partners see the opportunity. We than focus and optimize our campaigns to create multiple, consistent lead streams at 5-10x ROI.

Google Ads

One of the more known ad platforms, Google is a staple in most PPC campaigns. Given it’s search nature, it’s a great platform to leverage to proactively get in front of a target audience when they’re actively seeking a product like yours.


Infamously expensive but rightly so, LinkedIn is one of the most targeted advertising platforms a B2B marketer has at their disposal. With the ability to target from occupation, to seniority, and even down to the account level, it’s no wonder why LinkedIn is one of our partner’s most valued channels.

Facebook & Instagram

Social advertising can be tricky. Advertising to consumers when they’re in casual settings requires just the right amount of finesse and strategy. Social campaigns are a perfect opportunity for B2C companies to create viral messaging or present can’t-miss offers.


They say a video is worth a thousand words and we build video ad campaigns with one goal in mind: how do we make your future prospects resist the “Skip” button. With engaging, quality content, YouTube advertising (mixed with retargeting) can drive attention and leads.