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Search engine optimization (SEO)

Consider it magic. Consider it old school. But no matter what you consider it, consider search engine optimization (SEO) mission critical. More infamously termed “getting found on Google”, SEO can be the lifeline to your businesses organic lead generation. At GrowthStack, we split our partner’s SEO strategy into two main initiatives:

Structural SEO

Back in the 1990s, structural SEO was all the rage. Think of things like header tags, meta descriptions and backlinks. While Google has gotten smarter and there’s no real way to hack your way into the rankings, some of these elements still serve a critical role in getting found.

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Ongoing Strategy

Fast forward to the 21st century and now the user experience is what Google cares most about. Boiled down, that means getting right answer to the visitor and we do that by delivering lots of valuable content.

At GrowthStack, we strategize what content we should be delivering for our partners, how often, which channels/mediums, and how we derive lead generation.

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