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A controversial opinion on short content

Today, we’re on the road (or in the sky) after meeting another partner on-site. Given our year-long experiment with writing content every single day, we knew we needed to post something but didn’t have ample time to draft something lengthy. (This post will be published from the free Wifi provided by Jet Blue!)

Since we’re lacking time, we wanted to post something quick, to the point, and valuable; however, the first two of those three bullet points go against everything most SEO or content stratgists will lead you to believe is best practice.

While we do agree, longer articles and more in-depth content build strong rapport with search engines like Google, it doesn’t mean you need to draw out a single topic into some > 1,000 word blog post. A good indication of Google’s commitment to short bits of (accurate) info is their recent addition of video recommendations inline to the search experience. They even crop the videos to automatically begin and end at only the points needed to answer your question.


If you’re mixing up your content types, varying the length, and (most importantly) actually providing value, stop counting words.