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Enriching contact emails using patterns of the addresses you already have

After digging a little bit more into a partner’s enrichment project that inspired our agency’s side project: Matching list of contacts to email addresses you already have in Hubspot, we stumbled upon a whole new problem in the market that seems to be neglected (probably because it’s more of a utility tool and not a huge selling proposition).

Tons of companies exist to enrich your data using their own databases. (I’m looking at you, Zoominfo.) Tons of companies exist that allow you to look up a single individual’s email using patterns within an organization’s email naming convention (actually has done some pretty neat stuff in this space), but there’s not really a great tool that allows you to upload a list of both known and unknown contacts, define a field that should be used for matching, set a threshold of acceptability for matching and then process those patterns and spit back a return of matches.

For our partner’s project, we quickly whipped up an Excel proof of concept that took each contact and grouped them together using an exact match on the company name. If a group of contacts had at least one email associated with them, we conditionally highlighted them, giving our partner a quick indication that they might be able to extract email addresses by following a specific pattern.

Those who were already known or had no other contacts to compare against, were also marked accordingly.

In our agencies free time, we’re going to see if we can leverage some data matching algorithms to solve for automating the next part of the process. This post will become a living breathing documentation of the project and if we stand-up a product worth using, we’ll drop it in our Solutions tabs.