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Creating a studio for video content, less than $100

Recently, we’ve posted a lot about leveraging video in your larger content strategy. The first step of embracing video is building the muscle memory to create that content regardless of audio/visual quality. With quality cameras built-in to just about every new smartphone device in our pockets, it’s much more important to focus on building an organization culture of capturing snippets of learnings and wisdom.

But what happens when you’re ready to graduate your content program to a video studio?

The good news: building your first studio location can be affordable and is just as adoptable as it was to get comfortable whipping our your iPhone to begin with.

Picture of the GrowthStack video studio with lighting
The video studio in one of our Account Manager’s home office; built for less than $100.

While there are tons of other videos and post on the net that talk about building beautiful shots with affordable equipment, here’s the gist of ours:

  • 2x LED light panels (ours let us control two different temperatures of light so we can blend natural and bright light)
  • 3x tripods (2 to hold the lights and 1 to hold your camera)
  • A camera (in our case, an iPhone)
  • A bungee cord (we tie our iPhone to the tripod because we were too cheap to buy a $10 iPhone-to-tripod adopter)
  • Optional: iPhone app to help with video settings (we use a cheap paid app called FiLMiC which primarily helps us achieve a soft blur in the background of our videos)
  • An interesting backdrop
  • Some props

That’s literally it! We opted for a The Office style “talking head” setup and took huge inspiration from YouTube tutorials by Defiant Films and Will Chidlow. The main takeaway for us was creating an appeasing yet not-too-distracting backdrop. We achieved that with some soft Edison lightbulbs and (not featured in the video above) color-changing LEDs.

TL;DR – Once you’ve embraced video as a strategy, take the small investment into a production studio. Stay scrappy and frugal while optimizing your user’s experience.