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Should you measure your Alexa rank?

Alexa is a system developed by Amazon to rank your site’s popularity compared to all the other sites in the world. It combines an estimate of your site traffic and user engagement to position you amongst the competition. As fellow marketers, we can tell you that analyzing this number can be exciting, addicting (and sometimes, depressing) yet we often ask ourselves whether it’s a KPI that really matters.

We hate blogs that make you wait until the very end to share our opinion so here it is:

Your Alexa rank doesn’t matter. It’s makes for incentivizing competition and generalized benchmarks but only you can determine if your users are being delivered value and your site is performing it’s intended function.

With this being said, don’t get us wrong: we have an internal goal of breaking through 50,000 global Alexa rank but it’s not a main performance indicator for us. Why?

Alexa doesn’t factor in your key metrics. Alexa holds all truths to be self-evident and doesn’t splice sites into categories or industries. That means your B2B SaaS website is competing against the B2C car dealership down the street. It also means your mixing pleasure with business and the metrics just aren’t the same. If you consider a brand or entertainment outlet (like Youtube) that you resonate with and think about measuring engagement for your organization on the same level, things are bound to get wonky. Apples to oranges.

Alexa also takes a lot of guesses. There are plenty of articles out there that take a dive into how Alexa ranking works from a technical perspective (and even how you can attempt to hack your ranking). We’ll save that for another day, but what it means for you is that it’s not as strong a KPI as something concrete. Internal tools and reporting are much stronger in giving accurate information about your user’s journey. Google Analytics is actually deployed within your site and (while it’s not perfect) it provides a level of granularity and industry-specific benchmarking you can use to actually drive action.

Don’t let a rank that roughly compares you to the entire world drive your strategic decisions. Remain focused on qualified traffic, leads generated, and overall value driven to your users and the Score Will Take Care of Itself.