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Sending Drift leads to a form handler

If you’re adopting a tool like Drift and the methodology of Conversational Marketing, chances are high that you’re already a progressive and thought-leading marketer. But what happens if your technology stack isn’t quite as advanced as you?

What do you do if you don’t have a marketing automation tool like Hubspot, Marketo, and Pardot or a CRM like Salesforce?

Even if you do, what if you need to pass leads to a different system first?

Traditionally, you might want to try a tool like Zapier to integrate your other tools to Drift or perhaps even take a peak at Drift’s APIs to see if you can build out your own connector.

However, there might be a simpler option available to you (depending on your needs). We made a simple form handler that automatically simulates submitting a form on your website every time an email address is captured.

Copy and paste this code right below the place you installed your Drift snippet and swap out with the place your form submissions normally go (or the new endpoint you made for this project).

Where this solution works really well:

  • Drift doesn’t integrate with your tools
  • You don’t have tons of developer resources
  • You don’t have/want to pay for/manage Zapier
  • You simply need to forward emails captured into another tool

Where this solution falls short:

  • You need to control who is qualified enough to get into your other tools (this sends anyone with an email address)
  • You need tons of other information about the lead (this only sends email (unless you pass other variables into the code)