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Writing the right content for your target audience

Today is day five of 365.

If you haven’t heard, we’re investing an entire year into writing content to see what it actually takes to create influence organically. Unlike most of the content strategies we rollout with our partners, 365 pieces of content (for a small team) is extremely aggressive and it has challenged us to really assess what we’re going to write about.

As every marketing team knows, we want to create content that engages our core personas; the buyers; the people who will hire us, amongst different parts of their purchasing decision.

As an Inbound digital marketing agency, it’ll come as no surprise that our target personas are leaders (particularly operational, marketing, and sales) of medium to large enterprises that are interested in — or subscribed to — lead generation and marketing automation (particularly B2B). We also want to target the influencers that report to them: marketing managers, marketing/sales ops, etc.

This target audience is at the core of every content decision we make and the reason we’ve had to come to a hard realization lately:

No one cares about what we want to write about.

It’s rough to think about, but take a step back. Your content is probably going to get served when your target persona is researching a buying decision or discovering how to do something.

As a startup, it can be tempted for us to write about the challenges we’re facing, the funny things we see as an agency, and the amazing technologies we get to experiment with on a day-to-day basis. And while some of these things make good content, the way we position ourselves when discussing it is very important.

A CEO doesn’t care about “The crazy life of a digital marketing agency” but they might care about “Scaling an organization with limited overhead and resources”.

When you build out your content calendar, remember to focus on personas and buying cycles. Forget what you know and picture what your prospect might know.