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The DNA of an email signature that works

If you’re in sales, you might be familiar with your IT or marketing team getting in your personal space about making non-permitted changes to your signature or (God forbid) not having one at all.

Everyone has their own motivation. IT is probably focused on compliance; marketing, brand consistency. Some organizations even go as far as to invest in cutting-edge software that manages that empty little space below your emails. Companies like Sigstr, Wise Stamp, and Opensense have created an entire category around signature management.

Why? Because signatures actually work.

Signatures present an opportunity to represent your brand, educate users, delight and even convert potential prospects.

So, what should you have in your signature? Here’s a peak at ours:

Screenshot of an email signature

And here’s the break down (plus a bonus area of opportunity):

  • A “face”: It’s 2019 and people are starting to resonate with people again. We use custom avatars (wearing GrowthStack swag, of course) to showcase our brand voice as well. Show your prospects you’re not just a canned email.
  • The necessities: We won’t bore you with reminders to include your name, title, and phone number. What we will say is don’t overdue it. No one is going to fax you or send your corporation a letter. Unless legal requires it for compliance, get it out of there. Also, if they have your email signature… they probably already have your email, right?
  • Social media: Remember to only attach the profiles that matter. Your customers probably don’t care about your Instagram and Snapchat. Speaking of those things, use this as a good reminder to check those more intimate network to make sure they’re work appropriate, specially if they’re public.
  • Book a meeting: Nothing is more aggravating than the back and forth of scheduling a meeting. Using something like Calendly, Drift, or is a great way to let customers self-services with times that work for them.
  • (Bonus) Banner image: We haven’t deployed this across our organization yet, but those software offerings we mentioned above allow marketing (or even automation) to choose which banners get automatically placed in the footer of your emails. This is a great way to share awareness about different campaigns and offers without having to rely on (or bother) the sales team.